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incredulous, amused

The judge rules...(ha!)

At another time in my life, I would have fought tooth and nail to keep myself on the Strickland/McCabe trial. I'm sure that the lawyers involved thought that I was "wavering" or "afraid" or giving in to them--frankly, I'm a New York County Supreme Court judge and they're a bunch of lawyers. Guess what, guys? I get to pick and choose when to deal with your bullshit! This time? I've got better things to do than deal with Danielle Melnick and a pissy ADA.


I wish I could say the same thing.
You do wish. *smirk* Good luck with Bitchy McNervous. You're going to need it.
It's just her first big trial as first chair. She's still getting used to it.

Would rather have dealt with Peluso?