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dan and jamie

Married. And all that goes with it.

The original plan was a very long engagement.

Well...I guess sometimes life gets in the way. You finally tell yourself to stop thinking and just do. At least I did, for the first time in awhile.

Dan and I were married in Las Vegas, on July 5th, over our holiday week that began in California and...somehow ended there, in the city of lost money and too many chintzy chapels to count (believe me, I know, it took me several hours to find one that -didn't- employ an Elvis impersonator).

It's not without its' consequences of course. Katie is still annoyed that I didn't tell her. I tried to explain that I didn't even know myself until the night before. It was now or never, to be honest. If I didn't go through with it then, I wasn't sure I ever would. I've lost too much in the way of love to want to be without Dan. I know he would have waited...but...I still didn't want to risk it. My father was mildly disappointed that he didn't get to walk me down the aisle. Jokingly I said, "And you see how well it worked the first time you did..." He was a good sport about it, though, and is glad. My brothers...Dad told Hank, and I'm sure it got around to the rest of them. Hank's the only one that called to say congratulations, but that's not terribly surprising.

Jack came into my office today after Dan stopped by his own office. He couldn't believe I was actually married. A fight ensued. It was rather disastrous.

Jamie Ross: *is in her office, writing a note*
Jack McCoy : *knocks on the door somewhat urgently*
Jamie Ross: *raises a brow* Come in....
Jack McCoy: *comes in* Did you know that Dan Fielding is married?
Jamie Ross: *sees him, laughs* Yes, I did.
Jack McCoy: So I guess that means that you're also married?
Jamie Ross: *small smile* Yes. I am.
Jack McCoy : What happened to the long engagement?
Jamie Ross: It's....it...*little shrug*
Jack McCoy : Just happened?
Jamie Ross: Yeah, kind of. *motions to the chair across her desk*

Jack McCoy: *sits down, attempts to smile* So how are you liking marriage life this time around?
Jamie Ross: Too soon to tell.
Jack McCoy : I may not approve of your choice of spouse, but I hope that you'll be happy.
Jamie Ross: Gee, thanks.
Jack McCoy: *shrugs* He's arranging my office now.
Jamie Ross: Ah....*small smile*
Jack McCoy: Apparently my desk was disrupting the flow of the room.
Jamie Ross: *can't help but laugh*

Jack McCoy : I didn't think that you were into guys that know the difference between mauve and maroon.
Jamie Ross: What is that supposed to mean?
Jack McCoy: You're slipping.
Jamie Ross: *Slipping*?
Jack McCoy : Yes.

Jamie Ross: You're right, Dan is different. *annoyed* He's the first person to actually, truly believe in me...to show me that life can be fun...and he doesn't play mind games...or treat me less than I deserve.
Jack McCoy: That's good.
Jamie Ross : Yes. It is. *her previous statement implied that Jack didn't treat her right*

Jack McCoy: And how is that different than what we had?
Jamie Ross: You don't believe in anyone but yourself, for one thing. I don't remember you being big on 'fun'...as for the rest...I think it speaks for itself.
Jack McCoy: I believed in you.

Jamie Ross: *thinks about this a moment, tilting her head a little, looking at him, and then softly,* But you don't deny the rest.
Jack McCoy: I admit that I'm not really what you'd call "fun".
Jamie Ross: *little laugh*
Jack McCoy: So you agree?
Jamie Ross: Like I said..

Jack McCoy: But we did have something good, right?
Jamie Ross: *sighs, looks away* Jack...
Jack McCoy: *clueless* Yes?
Jamie Ross: What we had....*bites her lip* It had the potential to be something good.

Jack McCoy: I know, but I didn't let that happen, right?
Jamie Ross: You didn't want it to happen, Jack.
Jack McCoy: Then.
Jamie Ross: *raises her brows, mouth opens a little*
Jack McCoy: I may have rethought my decision, but it's too late for that now.
Jamie Ross: You didn't think I was going to just...be constantly rejected by you and then just...DWELL....on you for ten years did you? *stares at him a moment* You did...
Jack McCoy: *looks uncomfortable*

Jamie Ross: *shakes her head* Just like it always was. You wanted me when it was convenient for you. Because that was what our entire relationship was about. That's what everything in your world is about.
Jack McCoy: *gets up* I think I'm going to leave now.
Jamie Ross: *bitterly* Yeah, you're really good at that, too.

Jack McCoy: Well, you're good at it, too. If I recall.
Jamie Ross: I left a job. You left people.
Jack McCoy: Should I have left the job too? Would that made you feel better?
Jamie Ross: No, Jack, the job has nothing to do with it...you never understood it then...I guess it's no surprise you still don't.
Jack McCoy: What don't I understand?!
Jamie Ross: Women.

Jack McCoy: That you're right about.
Jamie Ross: *shakes her head*
Jack McCoy: *raises eyebrows* And you know everything about men?
Jamie Ross: Obviously not. *dry*
Jack McCoy: *crosses arms* And why is that?
Jamie Ross: Well look at my track record. It's not much better than your own.
Jack McCoy: And what makes think it won't be the same as mine in a few months?
Jamie Ross: *narrows her eyes, willing any tears not to fall, however her eyes do water, slightly* Screw you, Jack.
Jack McCoy: You already did that. *leaves*

Jamie Ross: *calls after* Go ahead. Continue to prove all you do is leave. *quieter* That was a lousy comeback, by the way.
Jack McCoy: *doesn't care*
Jamie Ross: *rests her face in her hand, trying not to care about any of this*


Congratulations to both of you.
Thank you, from both of us.